Perhaps to many, a how-to theatre book for elementary school teachers seems a bit much. Shouldn't the teachers teach the basics? Why, yes. And theatre is that other art form that will help do just that.

Theatre teaches Reading, Writing, Innovation and Communication (among other things). But no one mentions that; it's just lumped under "Theatre."

The great thing about our new book is it's designed for non-theatre teachers. Through simple activities--that take only about 15 minutes to do--children start learning applicable-to-life theatre skills. It's do-able! for both teachers and students.

We're excited it's finally here and we have a venue to get it out. We're excited that it will soon be followed by the home version for parents, grandparents, homeschoolers and anyone else with a few children in their group of beginner thespians.
5/10/2019 09:05:04 pm



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