Bottom line: Theatre Business is like any other business and requires business knowledge.

Here's what we have to take care of, know how to do, or hire others to do for us:
  • Advertise and Market (and we're the salespeople as well)
  • Website (essential, at least for us; most people find us on the internet before they call)
  • Bookkeeping & Tax returns
  • Contracts & Invoices
  • Hire Sub-contractors
  • Order supplies
  • Network
  • Social Media (could be chunked in with Marketing but it's such a big entity)
  • Planning & Implementing
  • Donations
  • Manufacture (for us, we have to create props, costumes and set pieces)
  • Shipping & Delivery (for us, that means we have to load up said props, costumes, and set pieces to "deliver" a performance)
  • Education (learn new skills to be able to provide what the customer wants or to stay abreast of new developments in our field)
Sure we get to be creative in our business but we also must spend time being extremely organized. Just a heads up: sometimes that's difficult--but it must be done. We should also mention special skill #1: BE ORGANIZED

So, if you're thinking of going into business for yourself--any kind of business--we would highly recommend you take a few classes from your local Small Business Development Center. You might also find workshops offered through your Chamber of Commerce, and help through SCORE.

Business...what an adventure!

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